Parents and students have been wanting to know if there will be a policy set in place that will require students to wear masks while in school.  Tuesday morning during a press conference Mayor Vi Lyles said she did not have the authority to set a mask mandate within city limits but according to local ordinances and state laws she actually does have that power especially because the area is still under a state of emergency.

Later in the evening the mayor wanted to clarify her comments by stating “It is important that the entire Charlotte-Mecklenburg region work together to battle COVID-19. At this time, we have not received a recommendation to reinstitute the mask mandate. If we do get that recommendation, I along with the Mayors and other elected officials will discuss and consider that recommendation, which is consistent with the approach that we’ve taken throughout the pandemic.”

Mayor Lyles also said during the press conference that it is her personal preference to wear a mask and she also urged people to get the vaccine.

In my personal opinion I feel as if the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, people in positions of power are panicking trying to figure out a quick fix instead of setting an actual plan in place. We shall see what happens here in the near future.