Anti-Vax nurse charged with injecting 8,600 patients with saline. A Red Cross nurse in Germany has been charged with injecting as many as 8,600 patients with saline instead of the coronavirus vaccine. The unidentified health professional, an anti-vaxxer, administered the shots to residents of northern Germany in March and April, says Councilor Sven Ambrosy. “I am totally shocked by this episode,” he says. Authorities say while the saline injections were harmless, they left thousands of Germans with a false sense of security, thinking they were protected against the coronavirus, says police investigator Peter Beer.

Regardless of your personal stance on the vaccine, if I chose to receive it only for someone else to force their beliefs of me I would be livid. Hopefully, they are able to sue the individual or health care system who allowed this to happen. I sincerely hope none of those people contracted the virus and had serious complications or died. Can you believe this anti-vax nurse injected patients with saline? How would you handle this situation?