On August 18th, 1926 the very first weather map was televised for the world to see. Could you imagine seeing for 1st time a map of the weather on your TV screen? You could start to actually plan for the future and not get stuck in a storm!

Ready for 5 of the weirdest and scariest facts for August 18th? Yup, me too.

Weird facts are always for me. It’s August 18th people and I’m ready to get weird with you. Just like the days before and the ones to come, the history is weird, a little scary and we’ve got a list of them for you to enjoy.

Knowing major past events is important to understand how we live life today. Seeing what happened in the past fascinates me. You might think I’m weird, but I find history interesting because of the weird and scary things that happen. Here are 5 of the weirdest and scariest facts for August 18th.


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