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So first, let me say, NO, I am NOT vegan, however, there are a lot of meals that I cook that are and they are BUSSIN!

I’m going to tell you how to make this quick and easy and tasty. First, head to your local grocer and get a package of Gardein beef tips. They are vegan and take flavor really well.

After you get your beef tips, slice them up and throw them in a pan. I will add Primal Kitchen’s teriyaki sauce because its vegan friendly. Add some onions and peppers too and sauté them up.

Next you need your wraps. This of course is optional. If you choose to use rice, I usually will sub rice for cauliflower rice. If you take that route, add some fresh lime juice, cilantro, salt and pepper and boom! You’re in the game.

Back to the wraps. Check your local freezer section at your grocery store. There a few brands of vegan wraps. Pop them in the oven to bring them to live. Add your fajita mix and BOOM! Vegan fajitas!