It’s going to be a little longer before you’re getting “Drunk On A Plane”. American Airlines extends the alcohol ban on flights. The airline has extended its ban on alcohol until 2022. American Airlines’ internal memo states, “We are doing all we can to help create a safe environment for our crew and customers onboard our aircraft.” The extension of the ban is due in part because of a few incidents where passengers became unruly during flights because of alcohol. The Federal Aviation Administration has recently announced that ‘proposed fines for unruly passengers this year had topped $1 Million’.

One could assume the mask requirement plays a part in this decision as well. Initially, the drink service was set to return on September 13th the day the mask mandate expired. Many airlines first suspended alcohol sales as the pandemic hit in spring 2020. They did this to minimize interaction between crew and passengers and to ensure safer flights.

I haven’t flown since the pandemic began, though I’ve taken several road trips. While this alone won’t impact my decision it certainly factors into the equation. I’ve been considering an NYC trip this Christmas season, however, I will evaluate the situation and could opt for a closer-to-home excursion. But as long as I could start off my flight with a glass on wine in the airport I can live without it on the plane.

I anticipate other airlines to also extend their alcohol ban on flights.