Photo By Dech St From ShutterStock

Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools is giving students a choice when it comes to wearing masks at school.

In a letter sent to parents on Thursday, Catholic Schools Superintendent Dr. Gregory Moore said they are maintaining mask optional guidance following the county’s mask mandate that was announced Wednesday.

“We believe parents and guardians know their children best, so we respect their ability to choose when it is appropriate for their student to wear a face covering,” Dr. Monroe said in his letter to parents. “This approach aligns with our mission that recognizes parents as the primary educators of their children, and is appropriate given current health data. That data shows children are at lower risk of contracting and experiencing severe complications from COVID-19. The Delta variant, while more contagious, has not been shown to put children at higher risk of severe complications. Additionally, health experts say the COVID-19 vaccine protects older populations with whom children might come into contact.”

The county-wide public health rule requires everyone to wear a mask inside of businesses, establishments, and other public spaces.