Don’t worry, you don’t need any clothes where were going. If you’ve ever wondered, “Hey, what’s the best country for skinny dipping?” today is the day you get your answer. Thanks to a list was created of the best countries to, well, swim nude. Let’s face it, a lot of people want to know.

Considering Paris is the city of love, it comes as no surprise that France is No. 1 on the list. The United States, apparently, is a great spot to go skinny dipping, too, as we’re No. 2 on the tally, followed by Spain. Spain actually is the best place for nude beaches so if you are looking to add that to your travel agenda…

“While laws and the general acceptability of sunbathing and swimming in the nude do vary around the US, there are still plenty of open-minded places for those looking to take the plunge,” said in its report. They added, “The USA had more places for naturists to stay than any other country on our list, with the likes of Florida and California being particular hotspots.”

The United States is the best place for naturist campsites though, which I never even knew were a thing. According to if you prefer being at one with nature then you might want to spend your vacation somewhere where you can be free to do so even once you’re out of the water, so we also looked at the number of naturist campsites in each country, where you can wear as little as you want, judgment-free! The US had the most of these campsites of any nation we looked at, with 253 dotted all across the country.

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