New candy is about to hit grocery store shelves. STARBURST is bringing a whole new texture to the candy aisle – and it will have people feeling like they are walking on air! STARBURST® ’s new innovation – STARBURST® Airs – is a next-generation aerated gummi packed with all the flavor of STARBURST®. What’s an aerated gummi, you ask? Just think about the STARBURST® chew you already know and love, but with a soft inflated texture resulting in a yummy bouncy gummi.

STARBURST® Airs’ easy-to-chew, airy texture comes in Original STARBURST® flavors: strawberry, lemon, orange, and cherry, as well as Sour Tropical flavors: sour kiwi strawberry, pineapple, passion fruit, and mango. Just one taste will have people wondering how did they get all the flavor of STARBURST® into a soft bouncy bite?

STARBURST® Airs are hitting shelves at select retailers this fall in 4.3 OZ Peg Bags (Price varies by retailer) with additional availability at retailers nationwide beginning in 2022. See more on this new candy here.

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