Gas shortage? Sadly, you might want to go fill up today in North Carolina thanks to Hurricane Ida. The Colonial Pipeline has temporarily shut down two of its fuel lines as Hurricane Ida makes landfall, as reported by CNN. This will cause another North Carolina gas shortage. This is now the second time this year we have faced this issue.

As Hurricane Ida makes landfall in the United States, Colonial Pipeline announces it will shut down two of its fuel lines from Texas to North Carolina as a precaution and “routine safety measure.” Colonial expects the pipeline to return to full duty as the storm passes the region but will first be subject to evaluations and “successful execution of the company’s start-up plan.”

The pipeline is set to get back to full service after the storm. As of right now, the average cost of gas in North Carolina sits at $2.8887. The national average is $3.148 on Sunday, according to the AAA.


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