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You might be wondering why the disgraced singer R. Kelly is credited on Drake’s Certified Lover Boy especially given the federal charges he is currently facing in Brooklyn involving alleged sexual assault with minors. However, the Toronto rapper’s producer is clearing the air on why Kelly is on Certified Lover Boy.

Noah “40” Shebib, Drake’s righthand man, has released a statement regarding the Chicago singer’s involvement in Drake's newest release. R. Kelly is credited on “TSU” from CLB, the eighth song on the album. 40 commented under activist Ravyn Wngz’s Instagram post, who called out Drake and his team for using Kelly in the first place when 40 responded that Kelly’s appearance in the credits is due to a sample they used from Houston DJ and producer OG Ron C.

Ravyn Wngz posted a screenshot of the Independent’s article of R. Kelly being credited on Sunday with the caption, “Thoughts.”

40 provided a lengthy explanation of R. Kelly’s involvement in the song stating that the sample they used for the actual song is of OG Ron C talking and behind his voice is an R. Kelly song in the background.

“On a song called tsu at the beginning is a sample of OG Ron c talking. Behind that faintly which you can’t even hear is an r Kelly song playing in the background. It has no significance no lyrics are present, r Kelly’s voice isn’t even present but if we wanted to use Ron c talking we were forced to license it,” 40 wrote.

The producer continued his explanation and offered his personal opinion of Kelly. He also added that those claiming Kelly was a co-lyricist is a stretch, “Doesn’t sit well with me let me just say that. And I’m not here to defend drakes lyrics, but I thought I would clear up that there is no actual r Kelly present and it’s a bit misleading to call him a co lyricist. It’s kinda wild cause I was just reading “Baby Girl” by Kathy Iandoli and the recounts of some of that stuff is horrific and disgusting. Then I saw this post and just had to say something because to think we would stand beside that guy or write with him is just incredibly disgusting.”

Near the 20-second mark of “TSU” Drake samples the 14-second mark of R. Kelly’s “Half on a Baby” but as 40 mentioned, none of the actual lyrics of Kelly’s were mentioned just the beginning instrumental.

As of now, Drake has not spoken out about R. Kelly receiving credit on the album.