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Who doesn’t love pizza? Whether it’s to celebrate an occasion, party favor or maybe it’s your Tuesday night dinner…regardless, pizza can make any situation better.

Chances are if you dislike pizza and vocalize it, you will be looked at funny. Visits to pizza chains across the country have increased 32% overall compared to last year. What chain is the favorite though?

Top Data recently released a report of the most popular pizza chain in each state. One pizza chain won in 24 states, including North Carolina! Which one is that?

Little Caesars!

The Top 5 pizza chains, in order, for North Carolina are Little Caesars, Marco’s Pizza, Papa John’s, Domino’s, and Pizza Hut. Being from Raleigh, North Carolina I am definitely familiar with Little Caesars. I frequented them often in my college days, but since I’ve been here in Charlotte I would say my top pizza chain would be Domino’s.

Click here to see the visual map for each state’s favorite!

SOURCE: Top Agency


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