It’s one of the most polarizing issues in our country today- the coronavirus vaccines. Should you take it? Should it be mandated? People have very strong and extremely divisive opinions on the answer to those questions. And it’s impacting our relationships. Turns out that 1 in 7 people have lost a friend over the covid vaccine.

A new study by OnePoll talked to 1,000 Americans and looked at why they ended friendships throughout the last 18 months. The study found that 16% of those surveyed have called it quits with three friends since the start of the pandemic. They also discovered that vaccinated Americans tended to cut ties with friends who will not take the shot. It was determined that 2/3 of those that ended a friendship were vaccinated and 1 in 7 of those say they ended a friendship with someone who refuses to take it. 17%  of survey respondents say that will under no circumstances receive the vaccine.

Have you lost a friend over your views on the covid vaccine? I personally can understand not wanting to be around someone if they don’t want to get vaccinated and you are concerned. However, I don’t believe you should throw away friendships over it.

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