Life is too short to miss out on a delicious burger. Lawn Love ranked nearly 200 of the biggest cities in the U.S. to determine the Best Cities for Burger Fans. We looked for cities with an abundance of highly rated establishments that serve burgers, including Michelin-starred restaurants.

Give your compliments to the chef in our top 10 Best Cities for Burger Fans, where high-quality burgers are king. Our overall top 10 includes big cities like Washington, D.C. (No. 1), Chicago (No. 4), and New York (No. 7). Orlando, Florida, lands in eighth place, while a handful of California cities, such as San Francisco (No. 2), Pasadena (No. 3), and San Diego (No. 5) dominate the rest of the top spots. Cary, North Carolina pulled in at spot number 42 out of 50 cities to get a burger.

Top 50 of 2021’s Best Cities for Burger Fans


California is no stranger to hamburgers. Famous burger chains McDonald’s and Big Boy both originated here, and Pasadena native Lionel Sternberger is purportedly the first to add cheese to his burger, thereby inventing the cheeseburger. No wonder it isn’t hard to find a tasty burger in The Golden State. Five cities in California had the highest median rating for burger establishments: Torrance (No. 1), Moreno Valley (No. 2), and Huntington Beach, San Diego, and Oceanside all tied for third place.

Looking for variety? While Orlando, Florida, might not have as many fancy burger restaurants as other cities in our overall top 10, this city is ready to cater to burger fans of all kinds. Orlando ranked first in Access, meaning there are plenty of burger joints strewn across the city to appease locals and tourists alike. Following Orlando in the Access, ranking is Savannah, Georgia (No. 2), St. Louis (No. 3), Fort Lauderdale, Florida (No. 4), and Las Vegas (No. 5).

Texas cities Midland (No. 197) and Laredo (No. 196) burn to the bottom of our ranking, earning the titles of Worst Cities for Burger Fans. They’re followed by Sioux Falls, South Dakota (No 195), Clarksville, Tennessee (No. 194), and Worcester, Massachusetts (No. 193). These cities fell to the bottom of our Access category, meaning that burger fans would have a hard time finding a good double cheeseburger around these parts. Additionally, they all ranked poorly in the Quality section — the few burger spots around haven’t impressed many diners. Our full ranking, analysis, and expert burger comments can be found here!

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