Gameday…so we got to have food right? The NFL is the most popular spectator sport in the U.S., attracting millions of fans each season who support their favorite team no matter the result. While it has a significant effect on mood, have you ever wondered how a team’s performance could affect the eating habits of its fans?

To understand the data, the average American eats 3,600 calories a day, according to Business Insider2. This means U.S. adults over the course of a 16-game season eats, on average, 57,600 calories. This number acts as the base for revealing the calorie change and percentage change for each NFL team – an example of the working can be found in the methodology. This is the study by

With the research suggesting that NFL fans are more likely to overeat when their team loses (10% increase), it’s not good news for Jacksonville Jaguars fans. With just one win during the 2020-2021 NFL campaign, Jaguars fans were likely consuming more post-gameday calories than any other team, eating 9.06% more than the national average. This equates to 5,220 additional calories over the course of the season.

Following the research, fans are inclined to cut out calories by 5% after their team wins. This means Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay Packers fans experienced the healthiest post-gameday calorie count. Thanks to an impressive 14 wins, Chiefs fans could have eaten 1,800 (-3.13%) fewer calories than the national average over the 2020-2021 season.

The table below shows which NFL Fans consume the most calories depending on whether their team wins/loses:

Team Calorie Change Compared to US Average (over 16 game season) Percentage Change from US Average (over 16 game season)
Jacksonville Jaguars 5220 kcals 9.06%
New York Jets 4680 kcals 8.13%
Atlanta Falcons 3600 kcals 6.25%
Houston Texans 3600 kcals 6.25%
Cincinnati Bengals 3240 Kcals 5.63%
Philadelphia Eagles 3240 Kcals 5.63%
Denver Broncos 3060 kcals 5.31%
Detroit Lions 3060 kcals 5.31%
Carolina Panthers 3060 kcals 5.31%
San Francisco 49ers 2520 kcals 4.38%
Dallas Cowboys 2520 kcals 4.38%
New York Giants 2520 kcals 4.38%
Los Angeles Chargers 1980 kcals 3.44%
New England Patriots 1980 kcals 3.44%
Minnesota Vikings 1980 kcals 3.44%
Washington Football Team 1980 kcals 3.44%
Chicago Bears 1440 kcals 2.50%
Arizona Cardinals 1440 kcals 2.50%
Las Vegas Raiders 1440 kcals 2.50%
Miami Dolphins 360 kcals 0.63%
Los Angeles Rams 360 kcals 0.63%
Cleveland Browns -180 kcals -0.31%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers -180 kcals -0.31%
Indianapolis Colts -180 kcals -0.31%
Baltimore Ravens -180 kcals -0.31%
Tennessee Titans -180 kcals -0.31%
New Orleans Saints -720 kcals -1.25%
Seattle Seahawks -720 kcals -1.25%
Pittsburgh Steelers -720 kcals -1.25%
Buffalo Bills -1260 kcals -2.19%
Green Bay Packers -1260 kcals -2.19%
Kansas City Chiefs -1800 kcals -3.13%

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