I feel like this crazy story is out of a movie or something. But it’s true, a snake has caused an entire NC town to lose power. Duke Energy officials determined that a snake was responsible for a fire at a substation fire that resulted in the town of Denton losing power. According to the company, over 1,400 residents in Denton, NC, and the surrounding area without power. They say a snake got into equipment at a substation, which lead to the substation catching fire and ultimately the town being without electricity.

The substation suffered some major damage due to the fire and the snake. There are still major repairs needed to get things up and running. Who knew snakes had this much power? I’m just glad I didn’t see it!

Major Power Outage affecting the entire Town Limits and surrounding Duke Power Customers. Fire at the Duke Substation...

Posted by Town Of Denton Fire Department Denton, NC on Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Source UPI

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