A big change is coming to the liquor laws in the Charlotte area, and it’s happening as soon as next month. A new bill may allow Charlotte residents to buy liquor bottles on Sundays. WHAT?

The bill, HB 890, states that starting in October, you can purchase liquor in closed containers on Sundays as long as it’s from a distillery.

Luckily, in Charlotte, we have two distilleries, so we will actually be able to take advantage of this new bill depending on whether the local distillery decides to sell their liquor on Sunday; Great Wagon Road in NoDa, and Seven Jars Distillery.

ABC Stores will still remain closed on Sundays, even with this bill, but now you can support local on Sundays if you need to buy liquor. Another fun fact, the bill will also allow online orders from ABC stores!

From someone who has grown up in North Carolina, where we have some of the stricter liquor laws, I am shocked but also so excited we are loosening some of the regulations,





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