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How many of those home warranty calls do you get a day? If it’s one, it’s too many! Can’t our cell phone provider help us out, after all, we pay a pretty penny each month. If you have the energy and patience you can try filing a complaint with FCC concerning these scam calls, but how did they get our number in the first place? My theory is that list that was forming years ago that we signed up for to be on a DO NOT CALL list, well, doesn’t that make sense?  We actually gave them out number. Don’t these call violate some kind of telemarketing calls and texts?  You can try this link to report scams to FCC.

Our personal information is everywhere and we’re wondering how they knew every family member we have, well lets start with social media. I think right now Facebook has a campaign to post your daughters photo for mother daughter day and then there’s mother and son day. We post our new cars, new babies and new homes. We even post pics of our kids on the first day of school in front of the house!!!!!!! STOP THAT! Why? Well, there’s software to figure out your address if you haven’t turned your location off on your phone when you take the photo. I found that out after taking an FBI Citizens course a few years back. I’m guilty of posting too much information when hopping on Facebook and Instagram. The million dollar question is, can we stop using social media? Getting off the grid is good, but it might sting for a few days. Be careful and watch out for click bait that corrupts your laptop and computers, too!

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