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Picking apples were best

I am always down for a family outing and I finally found one outside of Charlotte that is absolutely amazing.

I heard about Windy Hill Orchard and I decided to pack the family up and see what it was all about. First let me say, this is the perfect date, family outing, couple outing, and more all in one. Parents, get this, you can order flights, sit at picnic tables and listen to music and enjoy each other.

I made reservations about two weeks ahead of time and it was $7.00 which include a 1/4 peck bag. I have a family of four, so those were a lot of apples. I’m excited because I’m taking quite a few of these apples and making a delicious apple pie.

There is another attraction so to speak that was beyond delicious. Windy Hill makes apple cider doughnuts on the spot. There is regular and cinnamon sugar and let me tell you something. These are absolutely the most delicious doughnuts I have ever had in my entire life.

Windy Hill Orchard is located at 1860 Black Highway in York, SC.  Visit their site here to make reservations and get more information. I’ve included pictures below from my visit.