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A chilly fall morning would be a lot warmer with a pumpkin cinnamon roll in your hand. They're topped with a generous drizzle of maple cream cheese icing and are filled with gooey pumpkin spiced cinnamon swirls.

If there is any day that is one of my favorites, it has got to be today! Krispy Kreme and Cinnabon have gone all out for National Cinnamon Roll Day!

Anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely love Cinnabon. I just knew they were going to give me a free Cinnabon for today, but they didn’t. However, they did give us something great! They gave us free delivery on orders over $15! Now they know good and well I’m going to order over $15! Why Lord! Why?!

Then, here comes Krispy Kreme doubling down and introducing their new cinnamon rolls with Cinnamon Toast Crunch on the doggone roll! Now they know I have sugar diabetes and I’m not going to be able to resist this at all!

If I were you, I would download the Krispy Kreme app because you maybe able to get a Cinnamon Rolle latte or something like that! Either way, get into the sweetness ASAP!