Whilst Apple continues to dominate the personal tech market, it seems it may take some time for their users to become au fait with all the new features and utilities of their brand new products.

New research by MacKeeper has revealed the tutorials that Apple users turn to for help online. We can see the tutorials that US citizens are relying on for help with their iPhones, iPads, iMacs, and MacBooks by using YouTube data.

According to the study, the most turned-to tutorial by the majority of US states was how to back up files from their iPhones. Users from 32 states, including Alabama, Hawaii, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Illinois, had ‘how to back up your iPhone’ as the most requested tutorial or a how-to guide on YouTube. I 100% fall into this search. I always have issues.

Californians, Georgians, and Floridians struggle to unlock their iPhones. This is so interesting to me. Whereas the majority of the USA was struggling to back up their iPhones, a large proportion of states seemed to be completely locked out of them altogether. As well as being unable to back them up, iPhone users were searching for how-tos, guides, and video tutorials on how to unlock their locked devices, especially in California, Texas, New York, and Florida.

The biggest search trend by far for tutorials around the use of MacBooks is ‘how to screenshot’. With every single state topping the search queries for the term on YouTube. The most were California, followed by Michigan, Maryland, and Kansas. ‘How to split screen’ was unanimously the second most searched for Apple tutorial on Youtube, with over 1,000 searches in New Jersey, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

When looking at which tutorials people were searching for related to iPads, it’s clear that Apple could do with making how to screenshot on their tablet devices much clearer. The most searched-for term in all 50 states of the US was ‘how to screenshot on iPad’. The other popular searches for tutorials involving iPads were ‘how to clear cache’, ‘how to print’, and ‘how to unlock’. Pennsylvanians have searched for how to clear their iPad’s cache, as have residents of Illinois.

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