Bride, Groom, and Bridesmaid (Photo by © Wally McNamee/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

If you’re on the outside looking in then you may think that people who do have an open relationship/marriage are just out here sleeping with any and everyone because their partner allows it.  That’s far from the case, in an open relationship/marriage both parties have a say in what actually happens.  An open marriage could be a case where the married couple brings in a third party who is actually in a relationship with both the husband and wife.

Couples will agree to having their relationship open to spice up things and sometimes because there may be a fetish from one person in the relationship but they may still be in love with their spouse.

I don’t judge anyone who is actually in an open relationship nor will I ever judge them but personally, I will NEVER be that kind of situation.  I’d much rather you regular cheat on me and I find out later than to know from jump that you are having sexual relations with someone else and you actually enjoy it.

Would you be willing to have an open relationship if your partner wanted one?