SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - OCTOBER 09: A girl enjoy Dalgona candy at a shop on October 09, 2021 in Seoul, South Korea. Dalgona, a South Korean sweet featured as one of the lethal challenges in the Netflix TV series Squid Game has become a global craze, boosting business for South Korean street vendors who sell the Dalgona candy. (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

If you haven’t started watching ‘Squid Game’ on Netflix yet, get your butt to the couch. If you like mystery, horror, humor, or drama you’ll love it.

If you have seen the show, you might have been left wondering about some of the food eaten on the show. What are they? Would these meals have given the contestants the strength needed to complete their challenges? Or are these meals just straight out of the left-field?

Well, now we have the answer. Nutritionists at Myprotein have revealed the macros behind the different meals eaten on Squid Game, looking at the calories, carbs, fat, and protein contained within each meal.

The Bento Box, which consisted of rice, a fried egg, kimchi, and some boiled veg, was the more balanced dish given to the platers, with 261 calories, 34g of carbs, 6.8g of fat, and 9.3g of protein.

According to the study, Claire Muszalski, a registered dietitian with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, had the following to say:

“The Bento Box meal was probably the most nutritious meal of them all – if you’re competing in any type of competition you’ll need carbs for energy and protein for recovery, and this meal has both (although about half the portion size that a real athlete would need). It also includes vegetables and kimchi, which is great for digestion.

  • The soboro bread and milk would also fit the bill of a balance of carbs and protein – but you’re not getting a well-rounded meal here without any fruits or vegetables. This sweet-style bun likely also has more added sugar than a more ideal snack of whole grain with some protein.


  • The single egg and cider meal was meager – the egg provides a small amount of protein but is more appropriate as a snack than a main component of the meal. The cider is likely similar to a soda with lots of added sugar – it might give you a temporary burst of energy but will likely leave you hungry again in an hour or so.


  • The dalgona challenge was terrifying – and the snack itself was likely mostly sugar. This might be good for endurance athletes on the go who need to get some quick-digesting carbs – think running a marathon or a long-distance bike ride. But it’s not ideal for just sitting on the ground!


  • The T-steak and mackerel are clearly the best sources of protein, but without some healthy carbs (from grains, fruit, or starchy veggies), it can’t hold its own against a full meal. Tteokbokki, a rice cake made with anchovies, might be a better balance of carbs and protein as a filling meal.”

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