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Planning a wedding during a pandemic is a difficult task.  But if you are my little sister, LaShonda, you are up for the challenge.  I had the pleasure of attending the union of Shonda and Waskin over the weekend in my hometown of Virginia (Hampton, Va to be exact).  Before I left my parents house, my mom asked me if I needed any tissue for the wedding.  I told her no, I would be ok.  Boy was I wrong!  When I saw Shonda walking down the aisle, the tears started flowing.  She was Gorgeous!

You see, LaShonda is not my blood sister (but blood couldn’t make us any closer).  She is my best friend’s little sister.  I have known her since she was in elementary school.  So to see her, my baby sister, walking down the aisle to her forever, Waskin, yea…I was emotional.  And don’t get me started on the vows.  Waskin went first and left everyone speechless.  Shonda looked at him, smiled, and said, “You did that Babe!”

From her gown and his tux, to the reception decor, everything was beautiful!  More importantly, the evening was full of nothing but love!   Congratulations to THE CARTERS!  My prayer is that God covers your union and you have a lifetime of happiness and love together!

Check out pictures from the wedding below.  Oh, and check out the beautiful broach bouquet that my bestie made.