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ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 21: 6Lack performs at #YouTubeBlackFanFest at Morehouse College on October 21, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.

6lack is giving back to the community with a new campaign that promotes mental health.

The Atlanta native is partnering up with Mental Health America of Los Angeles (MHALA) and global therapy service BetterHelp to provide mental health resources to BIPOC communities.

“This year took a toll on all of us. Mentally, it was rough and it’s not always easy getting the support we deserve. 1 in 3 Black adults who need mental health care don’t receive it. We need to change the system,” the singer explains in the PSA.

Using his 6LACKBOX platform, the singer and BetterHelp will be will donating six months’ worth of therapy to 50 BIPOC students in MHALA’s Transition-age Youth (TAY) Program which helps adults 18-25 who’ve aged out of foster care.

The East Atlanta Love Letter singer told Billboard how mental health affects the Black community and how he wants to help, “The past few years have been especially tough for Black people, specifically when it comes to mental health. I’m lucky enough to have access to mental health resources, and a support system of friends and family, but recognize that not everyone is that fortunate. I wanted to do my part to help create a support system for others to start their mental health journey and that’s why I’ve partnered with MHALA & BetterHelp to help destigmatize the conversation and provide resources to those who need it most- our youth.”

He continued and shared about his own mental health journey, “I’ve always done check-ins with myself to see how I feel about myself, life, and the things around me. I will say it wasn’t until recently, that I actually learned the importance of getting to the source of the things that don’t make me feel great. I want to share my experiences and talk about the resources/things that helped me, in order to spark people to do the same for themselves. Sometimes support is all you need to take the first step, so I want my first step to encourage someone else’s first step.”

Watch the PSA below: