For many of us, board games provide an escape. They take us back to a childhood state and remind us of similar times. If you are a fan of board games then this just might be your new spot.

Lucky Factory Games, a board game café that recently opened in Concord, North Carolina, focuses on the simplicity of fun, good vibes, and community. Located at the Gibson Mill Market in Concord, this fun-filled location has a full games library that you can see more about here. They are following all the CDC guidelines and there are over 1,000 games to choose from.

If you’d like to visit the café is entry is only $5 per person. This includes unlimited gameplay. The café also offers VIP Memberships. These are selling for $14.99 per month and come with additional perks. The Luck Factory is currently open from Tuesday through Friday from 3-10 pm, Saturday from noon to 10 pm, and Sunday from 3-8 pm.

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