Staffing has been a major issue for many businesses and industries in recent months. You can’t go anywhere without seeing ‘Now Hiring’ signs. And education is feeling that strain as well. Specifically Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Since just the start of the school year (late August) over 500 teachers have left and parted ways with CMS. And there is no indication that number will be slowing down anytime soon.

According to WBTV 524 teachers have departed the district as of October 18th. Another 93 teachers are currently listed as ‘pending separation’ by the end of 2021. To put those numbers into perspective CMS has 9,205 active teachers (as of October 19th).

WBTV spoke with two current CMS teachers who were able to shed some light on the situation. The teachers discussed issues like the emphasis on test scores, payment, and changing grading scales as to why some of their colleagues have simply had enough. It was emphasized that teachers don’t feel supported and that stems back to last year and the pandemic. One individual said she was nervous about the future with so many teachers leaving. It’s also been reported by WBTV that both teachers are looking to see an”increase in social-emotional learning, therapy, and counseling for students dealing with behavioral and mental health circumstances.”

The issues aren’t just with CMS but the state education system as a whole they say. Regardless it’s concerning on multiple levels that 500+ teachers have left CMS in just a few short months since school began.

Source WBTV