Have you seen this crazy photo of a cop walking an alligator? The photo was taken in Sunset Beach, NC. The first question I have is how do you even get a leash on a gator? I’m just picturing Steve Irwin wrestling one.

And before you question it the photo is 100% real. The Sunset Beach Police Department posted the picture on Facebook earlier this week. It was taken last Friday during a call that officers won’t soon forget- the day they ‘arrested’ a gator. Calls came in about the alligator as it made its way through Sea Trail Community in Sunset Beach and ultimately tried to get into the pool. According to the Facebook Post “Officers … were dispatched to Oyster Bay Drive for complaints of a 9-foot alligator walking through the neighborhood. The alligator had also attempted entry into the community pool area. When officers arrived, the alligator had broken through porch lattice at the reservation office.”

Wait, what? Not only did it try to get in the pool it also broke into the office? That’s one determined alligator. Ultimately the officers decided the gator was a safety threat for the neighborhood and that it needed to be removed. No word on exactly how the officers corralled the reptile but in the photo, he looks calm and even leash trained. I mean I’ve seen dogs not cooperating that well. The department said that “The gator was relocated to a nearby pond.” Hopefully, it doesn’t try to make its way back! You can now check ‘see a photo of a cop walking an alligator’ off the bucket list you never knew you had.


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