Dogs, while lovable and all-around amazing, can be expensive. Unlike kids that eventually grow up and get jobs, dogs are dependant on their owners for life. But what if could get a job for your dog? Well a new listing is looking for the perfect pup to fill a role.  Photomath, the leading math learning app, is looking for the ultimate therapy dog to fill the role of Chief Canine Counselor (C3). Students are encouraged to submit their pup’s application online. The lucky student whose dog is chosen will win a $5K college scholarship. The scholarship is applicable for a two-year or four-year accredited institution.  

So what is the job? According to their website Photomath “is looking for the ultimate therapy pup. The Photomath Chief Canine Counselor (C3), America’s cutest, friendliest, most cuddly dog, and a pro at calming anxious students will help students (and parents) leave the tears at the table when it comes to troubling math homework and stressful studies.”

Job Requirements

  • Must showcase proof of comforting qualities (images and videos highly recommended!)
  • Must sit and roll over on command
  • Demonstrates understanding of student stress and providing instant cuddles
  • Commit at least 3.14 hours a week to comforting anxious students
  • Pups must be submitted by a current high school or college student


The student with the strongest submission and most comforting pup will receive a $5,000 college scholarship applicable for a two-year or four-year accredited institution. Photomath’s mission is to help students around the world uncover easier, more accessible ways to learn math — and through this we hope to help more students learn and achieve their goals.

To Apply: 

Do you think your pup is ready for the big leagues? Apply online or email your application to

Your application must include:

  • 2-3 photos of your pup, including proof of experience comforting students through homework challenges
  • One paragraph (max 300 words) on why your pup should be hired as Chief Canine Counselor
  • One paragraph (max 300 words) sharing why you deserve the scholarship and how you would plan to use it

You can learn more about the job for your dog role and how to apply here and full rules here.