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With Anxiety, it is the not knowing what is going to happen that triggers the emotional response and therefore, causes us to avoid our fears. As kids, it is highly understandable to fear or be afraid of something but as we get older this can become more complicated. We start to sense what could be a distraction of our everyday lives
and can take some time to get over it. But having fears is also a good thing, we obviously do not
want to lose the fear of speeding or anything that is life threatening. Here are some tips
recommended by EverydayHealth to help you overcome these fears so you can become a better

1 Stop judging yourself
Judging yourself negatively for being afraid of something is not going to help you face that fear.
Instead, consider practicing reframing how you look at that fear and how you can turn it into a
2 Slow Down and Breathe from Your Belly
This method is called the “meta-moment” designed by Robin Stern, the associate director of
Yale center. Pause and take a deep breath, a simple technique that can go a long way.
3 Practice Positive Self-talk
“Instead of being impatient, replace that negative self-talk with positive self-talk,” says Stern.
Tell yourself: “I’ve got this. I’m going to get this. I’ve been here before, and I can do this.”

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