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Since most of my friends are bread lovers, this one goes out to them. Thanksgiving warrants hot bread, muffins and cornbread. My physician says that fermented dough like sourdough bread is better for our digestive system. But with 100 varieties of breads around the world let’s play with our Thanksgiving menu a little bit. Growing up my mom loved Rye Bread, but as an adult I’m a Focaccia and Brioche lover. What is your favorite bread that you can’t turn down? Pita Bread has it’s place for cool sandwiches, but a good Multigrain Bread with nuts, seeds and raisins comes in number one for me. If you want to experiment with Hot-water Cornbread please invite me over.

Hot-water Cornbread is cheap to make because you’ll only need a good grain of cornmeal, white or yellow, pinch of salt with a sprinkle of sugar, baking powder, scalding hot water and hot pan with oil to fry evenly. Some generations called Hot-water Cornbread nicknames like Johnny Cakes. The consistency of Hot-water Cornbread is crunchy on the outside and cornbread texture on the inside, and you can eat at least 3 patties. As much as I try to stay away from breads, my family adores when I bake homemade yeast rolls and melt that butter on top. It’s a beautiful site to see and smell. Let me be the first to wish you and your family a very peaceful Thanksgiving. Let me know what kind of bread you’re choosing to serve.

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