Consumers are looking for ways to make their celebrations special, and ways to make the day easier – 84% of hosts are planning the amount of food they will serve a week or more in advance of Thanksgiving.

Everyone knows with Thanksgiving around the corner what foods they will or won’t be eating.  I’m a picky eater though and if there were only certain foods given at Thanksgiving I would be perfectly fine with that.  Here are the top 10 foods I think should be served at Thanksgiving.

10.  Sweet potato Pie

9.  Stuffing

8.  Greens

7.  Mashed Potatoes

6.  Dinner Rolls

5.  Cabbage

4.  Macaroni and Cheese (homemade)

3.  My mama’s rice pudding

2.  Turkey

  1.  Ham

What’s on your top thanksgiving foods list?