GLENDALE, ARIZONA - NOVEMBER 14: A fan of the Carolina Panthers holds up a sign 'Welcome Home Cam!' during the game between the Carolina Panthers and the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium on November 14, 2021 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

If you made it to an NFL game last year you were one of few. It’s been a welcome sight this season to see fans packing stadiums across the country and teams love having their home field advantage back. Demand for Panthers tickets has also skyrocketed in the past few days after the announcement that Cam Newton was returning to the team. But if you aren’t a season ticket holder or took the opportunity to buy tickets right as they went on sale it’s going to cost you. How much does it cost to buy NFL TIckets Secondhand? A new report from, studied the prices of tickets to see different NFL teams play. They determined which ticket prices are subject to the most inflation through online resale. The study also took into account historical data from different ticket resale sites, to predict how much that NFL game ticket could cost by 2030.

Some Key Findings according to

  • A new report from reveals which NFL teams experience the greatest ticket inflation on the secondary market.
  • Las Vegas Raider fans could see a staggering 339% price increase when looking to buy on the secondary market.
  • Taking into account all 32 teams, the average NFL fan would have to pay around 131% more when buying from a reseller.

Which Secondhand NFL Tickets Are Least Affordable?

According to the data, the Las Vegas Raiders tickets experience the greatest secondary market price hikes. Face value for Raiders tickets is around $153. But didn’t secure them early? The average resale ticket goes for $673. That’s a price increase of 339%. If this trend continues tickets could cost as much as $1700 by the 2030 season. Trust me I love football. But even I wouldn’t pay near that price to see a game! Other teams that see a huge markup on resale tickets include the Steelers, Bucs, Seahawks, and Rams all with a 200%+ increase in secondary market prices.

Most NFL teams and fans don’t want to be last in the league in any category. This is the exception, however. And the Texans, Cardinals and Bengals all are at the bottom of this list. Tickets to see these teams are marked up less than 30% when purchased secondhand.

This data can be viewed on-site here:


To find the average first sale tickets prices for each NFL team, Statista data was used. This was then compared to secondary market averages which were collected from ticket platform, SeatGeek. These were then compared to figure out the percentage change.

To forecast each team’s secondary market ticket prices by the year 2030, historical data was acquired from both SeatGeek and TicketIQ. This data was then used with the Excel forecast function to generate predicted secondary market ticket prices for the years 2022-2030. The final column in the table illustrates the potential percentage change over 15 years between 2015 and 2030. The teams were then ranked based on their percentage change.

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