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Ashanti is not coming to play with anybody at this point when it comes to her masters and her money. This includes Irv Gotti and Ashanti unofficially announced she is planning on pulling a Taylor Swift.

I’m sure some of you maybe asking what do I mean pull a Taylor Swift? Remember when Taylor Swift re-recorded a lot of songs because she was in a nasty legal battle to gain her masters so she said forget about it. I’m going to re-record the songs in hopes that fans will stream the new recordings and not the old ones.

Ashanti recently did an interview with Angie Martinez and in that interview, she announced she was going to be doing the same thing. Now, Irv Gotti, who owns most of her masters from her original days, was not too happy about this. In a since deleted post, Irv talked about how he own the masters and most of the publishing. He even went further to talk about the same “magic” wouldn’t be able to recreated. What are your thoughts?