If you successfully break into a restaurant what’s the first thing you’d do? If you said have a beer and ice cream then you’re not alone. That’s exactly what a man accused of breaking into an Asheville restaurant did. I guess it’s true when they say criminals aren’t that smart. According to an article by WRAL Asheville police officers said that they were able to take into custody a man who broke into a downtown restaurant on Monday. They also report that the man helped himself to beer and ice cream once inside the establishment.

The incident took place on Patton Ave in Asheville where there was a report of breaking and entering. Once they arrived on the scene officers discovered the empty open alcohol containers and soon found the suspect close by. They arrested him and charged him with two counts of larceny after breaking and entering as well as felony breaking and entering per WRAL. There was also an open warrant out for the suspect for trespassing.


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