Have you ever traveled solo? A lot of people love it. While I’ve flown by myself to meet up with other people I’ve never gone on a full trip alone. And to be honest I don’t think traveling alone would be my cup of tea. But I’ll admit I’m probably in the minority when it comes to that. Solo travel allows you to do and see what you want without worrying about pleasing another person. And as travel restrictions are finally loosening, more and more people are planning to pick up traveling again. This means that for many, a solo trip is an enticing consideration. Solo traveling has a lot of upsides such as sense of freedom and independence. But with that comes safety considerations. To find out the safest ways and the benefits of traveling alone, VacationRenter surveyed 1,000 solo travelers about their travels. According to the study some noteworthy findings include:

  • The most popular U.S. cities among solo travelers are NYC, Chicago & LA
  • The U.S. cities where solo travelers feel the safest are NYC, Washington D.C., and Austin. The foreign countries they feel the safest are Canada and England
  • Over 4 in 10 solo travelers use social media to research travel safety when planning a vacation, citing Reddit (27%), Facebook (23%), and Instagram (17%)
  • On average, a novice solo traveler saved $1,253 a year for solo travel, while an advanced one saved $2,059
  • The top 3 character traits overall that were learned from traveling solo are communication (45%), friendliness (43%), and resourcefulness (42%)

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