These flavors are wild and I am here for it! If you love the delicious taste of Brussels Sprouts or mulled wine on Christmas Day, it can now last all year. Well, on your lips that is.

From the beauty retailer Justmylook, a new exclusive limited-edition collection of five lip glosses is available for purchase. These lip glosses all have a unique flavor that is inspired by a traditional Christmas dinner. The collection features five different festive flavors that you can mix and match to build the perfect Christmas dinner flavor on your lips. Yummy!

I’m interested in the Brussels Sprouts lip gloss. I actually really love them and wondering if I can combine it with my bacon-scented chapstick to make bacon Brussels Sprouts on my lips…

The exclusive limited-edition collection retails for $33. The product will be restocked soon so keep an eye out! You can see more here.

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