(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

Are you someone who wants a white Christmas? Sure, it would be nice right? There’s a chance Charlotte could see snow! But it’s a very small chance, unfortunately.

Historically, Charlotte doesn’t have white Christmas very often. The last time we had snowfall in the Queen City on the holiday was in 2010 according to WCNC’s Brad Panovich.  So that leaves us with a less than 3% chance to see snow on Christmas in any given year.

It’s actually only happened 4 times in the last 150 years. Last year some of you may recall we had flurries on Christmas morning. I took the video to share on my Insta @maneyradio. It was light and short but that counts right? Haha.

I remember growing up in NJ, one year it snowed on Christmas Day. The snow started falling while we were at church and snowed so hard we couldn’t get up the hill to get home. We had to look the long way home. Once home we enjoyed the snow. By shoveling it and sweating in 25-degree weather. Haha, so be glad we won’t have snow this year on Christmas. You won’t need to shovel!

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