Did you know there are armadillos in North Carolina? I honestly had no idea there lived in this area. But turns out they are and the population has been growing. The reported sightings of armadillos hit a record number in November of 2021. That comes from the NC Armadillo Project. But what constitutes a record number? In this case seven. The previous record set in May of this year was 5. The animals were seen for the first time in both Cleveland and Graham County. Additionally, they appeared in Buncombe, Cleveland, Graham, Henderson, and Jackson county.

You should not be concerned if you spot one, while they have been known to carry diseases the NCWRC says this exposure can be avoided by wearing gloves. They can cause damage by digging up gardens and plants looking for insects and other food. But the animals are generally not a threat to humans.

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As found by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission