It’s hard to know what to get your boss and co-workers. You want to do something to show your appreciation but budget and just not knowing what to give can make this anxiety-inducing. To help out CardSnacks conducted a survey of 1000 people about giving gifts at work.

Key Findings On Giving Gifts At Work

  • Gift cards are a favorite and most common gift choice among employees: 90% of employees said they were happy receiving one at work.
  • Gift-giving traditions can help make employees feel valued, but it can also put unnecessary financial pressure on employees.
  • Employees spent more on their bosses’ gifts than bosses spent on their employees’.
  • While many thought it was appropriate to spend as much as $100 on their boss, most actually spent closer to $50. For co-workers, respondents felt $60 was appropriate but ultimately spent closer to $25.

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