Check those fridges if you’ve purchased any prepared salad kits recently. Food Lion is recalling two types of prepared salad kits due to possible listeria contamination. The company released a press release that their Cobb and Chef’s Salad Kits were potentially contaminated with listeria. The kits in question would have been purchased from any Food Lion location in the deli department. They were on shelves from December 26th through yesterday, January 10th.  The sell-by date on the products would range from December 30th through January 10th.

If you purchased one of the salad kits potentially exposed to listeria Food Lion says they should not be eaten, instead, you can return them to your local store for a refund of double the purchase price.

Food Lion is based in North Carolina out of Salisbury but has more than 1,000 stores across the country.

Source Fox 43


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