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This has to be the most underrated, undefeated team I have ever seen.  Yes, there is a little bias here because this is my alma mater but at what point do you just recognize a team for being a great team? This team is 15-0 as a high school basketball program which isn’t easy to do and they still aren’t getting the respect they deserve.  Every time their record is discussed people say well they haven’t played anybody, they went to Rock Hill and beat all Charlotte teams.

They have even played teams in Charlotte as a part of their non-conference schedule.  This group of guys is special.  Some of them have been playing together since they were little kids and you can tell that these players understand each other and how each one plays.  The last time CCHS won a state championship was 23 years ago and when they did it then no one even thought about them even making the playoffs.  This team on the other hand has state championship aspirations, it almost has the feel that it’s state championship or bust this year.  Being led by Jaiden Thompson and “the twins” Chase and Carson Daniel.  This team is deep and the way they play their “never stop defense” will be hard to stop throughout the playoffs.

I’m excited to see how far this team can go and I will be there as much as I can.  No team in concord gets the respect they deserve simply because they’re in Concord but this team will be recognized by me since I graduated from there, coach football there, and I’m from there.  The team I’m talking about is the Vikings from Central Cabarrus High School.  Watch out for them and put some respect on their name.

What high school basketball team are you rooting for?