Having great neighbors can make or break a home. And many of us got to know our neighbors better the last couple of years. I’m no exception to that. It’s one of the blessings to come out of the pandemic for me. But did you know where you live can impact whether or not you have good neighbors? You know the good ones, you don’t mind hanging out them, maybe get their packages while they are away, and if you ever need to borrow something- they got you, babe. And turns out North Carolina is home to some of the best neighbors in the country.

Storagecafe.com surveyed close to 11,000 people from across the US to find out the cities that best embody the neighborly spirit. Four factors were considered: satisfaction with neighbors, sense of community, involvement in community activities, and willingness to recommend their neighborhood to others.

And in both Charlotte and  Raleigh, you’re likely to have neighbors who look out for you. Raleigh ranks fifth for community neighborliness while Charlotte came in ranked 10th. Looks like Southern hospitality is still a thing.

Some interesting NC stats from the survey:

  • About 75% of Raleigh residents and 70% of Charlotte residents report being happy with their neighbors.
  • Almost 70% of Raleigh locals would recommend their neighborhood to other people too, and 65% of Charlotte locals would do the same. For our survey respondents, location wins hands down as the thing they most love about their neighborhood.
  • Local neighborhoods seem to be united by a local desire to be involved and help out others in need, as 45% of Raleigh residents and 38% of Charlotte’s claim they enjoy a strong sense of community.
  • The cities’ spirit of civic engagement is also high, with 59% of Raleigh people and 69% of Charlotteans choosing to volunteer, donate to charity or clean up public spaces.

Key National takeaways:

  • Indianapolis, IN, is the most neighborly city in 2021 based on a composite score that looks at neighbor satisfaction, sense of community, community involvement and how well recommended a city is
  • Looking at individual metrics, people are the happiest with their neighbors in Columbus, OH; Houston, TX, and Nashville, TN, have the strongest sense of community; Philadelphia, PA, comes first for the locals’ involvement in community activities; Nashville, TN communities get the most votes of confidence as locals are most likely to recommend them as good places to live
  • About 33% of Americans are unhappy with their neighbors
  • 67% of respondents reported intent to move away from their neighborhood, with cost of living as the main reason behind a potential relocation

According to the survey, 67% of people are happy with their neighbors.  The Silent Generation & Gen Zers report slightly higher satisfaction with their neighbors than the other age groups. Though that means that 33% of respondents, however, are not fans of their neighbor and the majority of those are Millenials.

Do you like your neighbors?

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