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Did you know over 1.2 million people aged 13 and older are living with HIV in the United States?  Mecklenburg county has the highest HIV numbers in state of North Carolina.  We had a chance to chat with Nicole Latty, Public Health Investigator for the  Mecklenburg County Public Health Department about ending the HIV epidemic.  During the conversation, I asked about HIV numbers for people of color.  Nicole didn’t have the numbers readily available but assured us she would get to us….and she did!  (Thank you Nicole)  Check out the stats below and CLICK HERE to hear the entire interview.  (interview starts at the 31:38 mark)

New HIV Profile as of 2020:

  •  82% of new HIV diagnoses were Males and 18% were Females
  • In 2020, NH-African Americans accounted for 6 out 10 new HIV Infections.
    • 65% Black/African Americans
    • 17% Hispanic/Latino
    • 16% White
    • 1% Multiple Race
    • 1% Asian/Pacific Islander
  • Nearly 2 out of 5 were aged 25-34 years old.