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If you’re a God fearing person, tap in and explore with me, or keep it moving. I wrote this blog because for years I’ve always known that we are a God who creates. Consider this concept. Women are the vessel with the ability to create life, and that pretty incredible.  You have the ability to create a life and lifestyle you desire, but most people beg God for favor. Why do we have to beg while living on earth? Because it’s designed that way to control folks. Now, some people need to stay in that zone, begging but never really moving. I grew up Presbyterian and that was so underwhelming as a child. Grew up going to Baptist churches with friends. Tried Buddhism for 40 years and that was enlightening. But now I find spiritually more satisfying because it makes sense, plus there’s no begging. Now, let’s get to the God gene.

Scientists have been trying to get, touch and control our God gene, and most believe they found during pandemic, wink, wink. When you have time google God gene and do some light research. In 1933 Mr. Hamer claimed to have identified a DNA sequence. Scientists and researchers have also been trying to duplicate melanin from African Americans because it’s powerful, but that info is locked in somebodies files. This blog could be miles long, so I’ll drop crumbs and you take it from here.

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