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If you have the space to grow vegetables in the backyard, here are a few that are popular in North Carolina. Cabbage is a winner, but we do well-growing watermelon. At our farmers market cantaloupes are pretty sweet, tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes as well. When planning your garden think about heirloom seeds because they are supposed to produce a better flavor profile. Gardner’s say heirloom plants may require a bit more love and care, but are worth it for the nutritional value.

What is the difference? Hybrid seeds are created by crossing two selected varieties. We love heirloom tomatoes in North Carolina so much that we have tomato festivals. I got so excited when interviewing Sam Fleming the co-founder and Executive Director of 100 Gardens. Over the past 8 years, Sam and the 100 Gardens team have installed aquaponic gardens across the United States and in Haiti. They also have aquaponics programs in 15 schools and two correctional centers in the Carolinas.


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