Around 2:37pm Wednesday fire crews said they received a call about a fire at Charlotte-Douglas International airport.  According to airport officials the fire was started in the atrium area.  All of the passenger were removed from the atrium area, one person was taken to a local hospital but they don’t have any life threatening injuries but now the airport is back up and back to normal operations.

Arrivals and departures continued, but local arriving passengers were temporarily not being allowed into the Terminal. The fire was contained at 3:40pm after 50 minutes and the passengers who were evacuated during the fire were brought back to the terminal.

The roadway in front of the Terminal was temporarily closed to traffic for emergency crews. Mecklenburg EMS says they had EMS staff on-site and additional units sent to the airport.  A spokesman for the fire department on scene said there was a lot of fire in the area but they don’t know how much damage was done yet.

According to FlightAware, there were 234 flights delayed at CLT Airport Wednesday, along with five cancellations.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation, and the restaurant area where the fire happened is closed.