As someone who is trying so hard to lose weight, sometimes you just have the unhealthiest cravings.

We love it when Eat This, Not That! do these studies. This time, they searched the country to find the unhealthiest restaurant orders around, and one place in Wilmington came in first for North Carolina.

Winnie’s Tavern!

According to the list, the Trailer Park Burger at Winnie’s Tavern serves up the unhealthiest order in the state. The burger has fried green tomatoes, bacon, and pimento cheese. It’s located at 1895 Burnett Boulevard in Wilmington. Eat This, Not That says, “Wilmington’s Best Burgers claims to have the ideal version of this popular sandwich but they also have massive portions and several deep-fried items. Their Trailer Park Burger comes loaded with fried green tomatoes, bacon, and a slew of other toppings. You can get it with an Impossible Burger, though!”

Are you wondering what tops the list for South Carolina? Just like most lists, a place in Charleston takes the number one spot for this as well.

The ‘I Wanna Lei Ya’ burger at Big Billy’s Burger Joint in North Charleston takes the top spot for the unhealthiest restaurant order in South Carolina. ”

“Big Billy’s Burger Joint prides itself on burgers featuring three patties, or items like the ‘I Wanna Lei Ya’ burger that comes topped with Black Forest ham and pineapple,” Eat This, Not That! says.

Great, now we’re hungry!