I know, I know breweries are perhaps the most basic Charlotte thing ever. But they are popular for a reason. If beer isn't your thing Kings Mountain is home to a good winery and the Yadkin Valley is just a short drive away.

Is drinking something you enjoy? Do you enjoy getting a drink in new places? You’re in luck because North Carolina has some great bars, and here’s the lowdown on the best.

Mashed recently compiled a list of the best bars in every state. In North Carolina, the winner was the one and only Thirsty Beaver Saloon. As you may know, this is the dive bar that resides in Plaza Midwood and is a local favorite. It is a true hidden gem and only a few months ago Mick Jagger paid it a visit.

The Thirsty Beaver Saloon is located at 1225 Central Avenue in Charlotte if you want to head there yourself. For the full list click here.

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