One of my favorite things to binge watch on snow days is Harry Potter. There are enough movies to last being snowed in a couple of days. But whatever your movie of choice you can't go wrong.

There are so many cool Airbnbs in Carolina. From unique beach houses to treehouses, to yurts; you can rent out a lot of very unique places to stay. This Airbnb might be the coolest though, especially if you’re a Potterhead.

The Airbnb, which is located in Asheville, NC is the perfect place o stay if you love Harry Potter, or know someone who does. From the outside, Airbnb is very unassuming. You enter a small tent, and then take a fun slide down into the living quarters.

Once you’re inside, everything looks like you’ve stepped right into a Harry Potter universe, including a sorting hat. Check out the video, and see how incredible this little Airbnb is for the Potterhead in your life!


@treehousesofserenity I’m so proud of you!!! This turned out epic 🧙🏻‍♀️🪄#asheville #ashevillenc

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Harry Potter Quidditch Tent Airbnb in Asheville NC! #airbnb #HarryPotter @treehousesofserenity

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