A welcome sign at the South Carolina state line.

I am guilty of stopping at the gas station just for a sweet treat. I hate to admit it, but I stop more so than I should for bags of candy or a QT donut.

Well, let it be known, that I am not the only one who stops for candy cravings. It just so happens that a South Carolina woman did the same thing but ended up winning a lot more. After picking up some candy, a woman also decided to get herself a lottery ticket.

According to South Carolina Lottery Officials, the woman couldn’t contain her excitement after she tested her luck at a convenience store in West Union, South Carolina. She only spent $10 on a ticket and later scratched it off in her kitchen. “When she saw the word ‘JUMBO’ with a prize of $75,000 underneath, she showed the ticket to her family,” the lottery said in its news release.

One other family pointed out the directions, the reaction was priceless. She figured out that her prize was five times that amount. She quickly did the math and then “I was running through the house screaming,” the $375,000 winner said. You can see more on this big win here.

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